Plastic Fusion Fabricators, Inc., uses HDPE (polyethylene) pipe, HDPE liner, and related HDPE products to fabricate a variety of customized total containment solutions throughout North America. These solutions include floating covers, HDPE manholes, HDPE pond liners, sump liners, and tank liners used in industrial containment applications.

Our expertise in HDPE manholes and HDPE pipe supports our construction of high-quality polyethylene pond liners, sump liners, and tank liners.

We provide and install HDPE and polyethylene floating covers, pond liners, sump liners, and tank liners in landfill, chemical process, and other industrial applications.

Our concrete protective liners and floating covers are constructed on time, within budget, and in strict accordance with the best HDPE practices in the industry

Since 1981, Plastic Fusion Fabricators, Inc., has provided exceptional products and services in HDPE and polyethylene custom fabrication to meet a wide variety of containment needs. We have consistently added to our diverse product line, one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective in the landfill and  containment industry.

We respect your time and budget for your floating cover, pond liner, sump liner, and concrete protective liner projects. You should not have to spend valuable time looking for subcontractors to complete each aspect of your tank liner, landfill or other containment project - we can do it all for you! Give us a call today and you will see why it pays to specify our HDPE, polyethylene and concrete products and services on your containment projects.

Design Assistance and Consulting Available on your HDPE, Polyethylene, Concrete Protective Liner and Other Projects!

"We give every HDPE and polyethylene job the attention to detail it demands, and every customer the peace of mind they need in solving floating cover, pond liner, sump liner, and other pollution control problems. Whether your concrete protective liner or tank liner project is large or small, on an approved schedule, or had to be completed yesterday, you can count on Plastic Fusion Fabricators, your top quality, single source for HDPE, polyethylene, and concrete total containment systems for landfill, floating cover, and a variety of other industrial applications."

Terry Ragsdale, President